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The X-Files Black Oil Martini

As this new, and hopefully not last, season (we’re looking at you Fox and hoping that this was a test to see if folks are still interested.  Just so you know… we are!) of X-Files comes to a close… we thought it might be nice to offer up a recipe to help ease the pain.

This Black Oil Martini is as sweet as it is deadly.  Skeptical? Just give it a try.  A few of these and we’re pretty sure, that you’ll believe just about anything!

Black Oil Martini

Serves 2


  • 3 oz. black rum
  • 1 1/2 oz. crème de cacao
  • 1 1/2 cups of ice
  • black food coloring

Add black rum, cream de cacao, ice and 2 drops of food coloring to cocktail shaker and shake.

Strain into glass and enjoy!
Black Oil Martini

The perfect drink to serve next time a member of the Syndicate drops by.  And, if that member happens to be our personal favorite X-Files baddie, Cigarette Smoking/Cancer Man.  You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of packs of Morleys on hand.

We made ours with this amazing free printable from Home Pacific.

Bottoms up!


Martini based on the Black Widow Martini by Betty Crocker!


I Want to Believe There Will be Another Season of the X-Files Oreo Truffle Pops

To make these pops you will need:

  • 1 package of Oreo cookies
  • 1 8oz. package cream cheese (softened)
  • Lime green chocolate melts. Wilton or Bakerella.
  • Foil, parchment or wax paper
  • Food processor or large Ziplock bag
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Small cellophane bags
  • Curly ribbon or twist ties
  • Alien print outs from Cameolandia or your own design
  • White cardstock
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Throw all of the cookies into the food processor or into a Ziplock bag and crush them into a fine consistency. If using the bag method you can then use a rolling pin, rubber mallet or even a can of soup to crush them by whacking the outside of the sealed bag. (The goal here is to keep all of the crumbs inside of the bag and not all over your kitchen!)   We prefer the food processor method because it results in more evenly crushed cookies, but either process is fine.

cake pops

Once the cookies are crushed, scoop out 3-4 tablespoons and place them aside. These will be used later to sprinkle on top of the pops.

Next, stir in the entire package of softened cream cheese. Using the back of a wooden spoon or your hands to combine it with the crushed Oreos.  When you are done, it should look more like a dough.

photo 2-22

You can then use a tablespoon to scoop out portions or use a knife to cut the dough into inch squares. Roll this mixture into 1 inch balls, (You should get about 36.) place on a plate or foil, parchment or wax paper covered cookie sheet  and put into the fridge.

photo 2-23

While your truffles are chilling, melt chocolate as directed on the package. We prefer using a double boiler on the stove or placing a heat safe bowl over a smaller pot filled with simmering water, but the microwave method is also fine.

There are two ways to make the pops- you can dip them in the chocolate and place them pop down on a foil, parchment or wax paper cookie sheet so that they stand up on their own, or you can dip them pop down and stick them into a foam block so that they are more like lollipops.  We went with the lollipop approach.

Once the chocolate is melted, take a few of the truffles out of the fridge.  The colder they are the easier they are to dip.  If they are too soft, they tend to fall off of the sticks in during the dipping process.

Dip the very edge of the stick into the chocolate and then stick that end into the truffle pushing in about ¾ of the way in.  This holds the stick in place and makes it easier and less messy to cover the rest of the truffle in the chocolate.  Now dip the entire truffle into the chocolate rolling it around until it is fully covered and the chocolate meets up to the stick.  Let some of the chocolate drip back into your bowl so it’s not too gloppy when place it onto your cookie sheet or stick it into your foam block.  If using a cookie sheet, place it down and sprinkle a tiny bit of the reserved cookie crumbs over the chocolate.  If sticking them upright into a Styrofoam block, sprinkle the crumbs on over a paper plate or small bowl before placing them into the foam.

photo 3-18photo 2-24

Easily Entertained tip: if using a Styrofoam sheet, take a stick before you begin and pre-poke holes about and inch and a half apart on the entire surface of the foam sheet. Push the stick about ¾ of the way into the foam.  This will make it easier later when you are trying to stand up the chocolate covered truffle pops.

The chocolate dries quickly, so you will need to sprinkle the crumbs onto each pop right after you dip it.

While the pops are drying, cut out your alien designs. We printed them out on cardstock so they would be a little thicker and hold up to the glue.

Once all the pops are dry, you can put them into the bags and use the ribbon or twist ties to seal them and attach the decorative tags.

Normally we would use a small hole punch on the tags and attach them to the pops with the ribbon/twist ties, but this design was a little too small for that. Instead, we used a tiny bit of hot glue to attach it the cellophane just below the pop.

photo 1-23

And there you have it folks- the perfect sweet treat for the alien and Oreo loving fans at your viewing party. Enjoy!

X-Files Season Finale Viewing Party

As we get ready for the final episode of season 10, we will be sharing some X-Files themed recipes that will help make your viewing party out of this world!

Wow (or perhaps repulse) your guests with this series of specimen-themed drinks and treats that taste waaaay better than they look. Your guests will be amazed that these aren’t only for display.

IMG_9098Taking inspiration from this post by Evil Mad Scientist we scoured the grocery store for ideas and inspiration.

You will need:

  • A selection of jars and other sealed glass containers.
  • A selection of canned fruits, broths, noodles, teas, etc. depending on what you want to combine.
  • Paper labels

Since we are all fans of bubble tea, our first thought was that we needed some tapioca pearls. We’re lucky enough to frequent a fabulous place called ViVi Bubble Tea and they were nice enough to give us a big scoop of already softened large, black pearls.

You can make your own by cooking 1 1/2 cups large black tapioca in boiling water for about 6 minutes. Then turn off heat, cover and let sit for 30 minutes. Make simple syrup by bringing a cup each of water and sugar to a boil.  Once all the sugar is dissolved, transfer the syrup to a bowl. Then drain the tapioca pearls and soak them in the simple syrup.X-Files specimen jars

For our specimens, we added the pearls to cucumber flavored Gatorade, and our homemade lychee tea.

Lychee tea


  • Black or green tea sweetened or unsweetened, your choice
  • Canned lychees in syrup
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Prepared tapioca pearls, strained from syrup
  • Ice if desired

Add the prepared tapioca pearls to the bottom of your jars and pour the tea over it. Add some of the lychee syrup and condensed sweetened milk to taste and ice if desired.  Attach the specimen label of your choice with a dab of glue.

X-Files specimen jars

For the other jars, we used: canned plums in some of their syrup, the remaining lychees in their syrup, canned herbal jelly from Asian market also in tea, chicken noodle soup we bought pre-made from the grocery store, black bean noodles sautéed with garlic, olive oil, basil and red pepper and chicken sausage in chicken broth.


From here the only limit is your imagination.  Any number of different canned fruits, pickled vegetables, soups and drinks can be combined for a colorful array of edible treats for your more adventurous guests to try.



DIY X-Files shadowboxes

Bring the X-Files to your home or office with these decorative shadowboxes.

Sadly, we are almost out of new episodes…but here is a set of X-Files inspired frames that you can make to help you remember to always Believe and more importantly… to Trust No One.

These are really easy to make!

For the “I want to believe” shadowbox you will need the following:

x frame supplies

Cut the cardstock to fit the back of the shadowbox (this will be your background color and will be visible around the outside edge of your Mountain sticker, so choose a color that matches your design.) and it glue down.

Then take the 3D sticker and attach it to the center of the backing.

  • Use your Silhouette to cut out your vinyl stencil as well as your spaceship.
  • Start by drawing a rectangle the same size as your glass panel
  • Resize the I Want to Believe saying to fit inside of the rectangle, select both shapes, and click “Center” in the Align Window.
  • Since we will be placing the text on the inside of the glass, remember to reverse it.

Once the space ship is cut out, glue it to the foam backing (or foam dots) this will pop it off the background and give it some added dimension. Then glue it onto the mountain scene.

Next, take the glass and place the phrase where you want it to sit.

Make sure to use the right vinyl. You want to cut permanent adhesive vinyl like Oracal 651.  It has a stronger adhesive on the back and is ideal for smaller designs like this.

Cut your design, weed it, and get ready to apply it to the glass.

Before you do, place a piece of paper on the table below the glass. This will help you ensure that you are applying the text evenly.



Use clear transfer tape to move your design from the vinyl backing to the glass.  Use as little tape as possible and cut the tape and the backing down as close to the vinyl as you can. Then peel off the tape to transfer it to the glass.

Once the design is on the glass, carefully remove the transfer tape and burnish the vinyl down again with a Silhouette scraper.

And a perfect finishing touch is to display the shadowbox with the Mulder and Scully Funko Pop Figures.

Funko pop

Easily Entertained tip: Don’t have a cutting machine?
Just print the saying onto a transparency and place in the frame!

photo 3-7

For the “Truth is Out There” shadowbox you will need the following:

Start by cutting cardstock to fit the back of the frame and glue down. This time the cardstock will be the full background image, so choose something with a slight pattern that matches your design.

  • Use your Silhouette to cut out the phrase and spaceship.
  • Draw a rectangle the same size as your glass panel
  • Resize the Truth is Out There text to fit within the rectangle, select both shapes, and click “Center” in the Align Window.
  • Make sure to reverse the text since we will be placing it on the inside of the glass.


  • Cut your design, weed, and then apply the vinyl to the glass.

Once you have the vinyl phrase on, sprinkle the aliens into the bottom of the frame. Put the back of the frame back on to hold the aliens into place.
When complete, remember to place the frame under a light so that your aliens can charge and glow in the dark.


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